Welcome to Finca Renacer! We offer a range of educational programs, accommodations, and options for your sustainable journey. Whether you’re interested in courses and workshops, internships, or simply seeking eco-friendly accommodations, we have something for everyone.

Courses and Workshops: Join us for an immersive learning experience where you can explore the world of natural construction and sustainability. Our upcoming course dates for 2024 are as follows:

  • March 15th to 22nd, 2024 
  • April 26th to May 3rd, 2024 
  • May 31st to June 7th, 2024 
  • July 26th to August 2nd, 2024 
  • November 1st to 8th, 2024

Course/Workshop Details:

  • Price for foreigners: $1,180 (cabina) or $900 (tent)
  • Price for Ticos (Costa Rican residents): $930 (cabina) or $650 (tent)
  • Includes teaching, accommodation, 3 meals daily, tea and coffee.

Course outline:

In Part 1 you will learn:
-to treat bamboo
-to recognize which bamboo is ready to harvest
-to make connections
-to make lashings
-to make a small furniture (bench or frame of mirror)
-to make holes in the bamboo

In Part 2 you will learn:
-to work with clay/adobe
-to recognize which clay you have to use
-to make a floor out of clay
-to make the last plaster
-to make ultimate plaster finish
-to prepare clay with different techniques
-to build a wall with different techniques

Internship/Apprenticeship Program: Looking for a deeper dive into sustainable practices? Consider our apprenticeship program, where you’ll learn and work on-site. Pricing is $1,500 per person per month and includes teaching, 3 meals daily, cabina accommodation.

Accommodations without a Course: If you’re not participating in a course but still want to experience our sustainable living environment, we offer guesthouse and cabin rentals.

Cabin with three beds: 

  • $30 per person per night
  • $200 per person per week (7 nights) 

Guesthouse Accommodation:   

Single room: 

  • $ 45 per night 
  • $ 290 per week (7 nights)     

Double room: 

  • $ 30 per person per night 
  • $ 200 per person per week (7 nights) 

Accommodation Includes:

  • Kitchen access (stove, refrigerator, cooking utensils, etc.)
  • Internet
  • Washing machine (bring your washing liquid)

Experience sustainable living at Finca Renacer and become part of our eco-conscious community.

If you want more information, please fill out the following form and we will be in touch soon.

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