Arrival and Departure:

Arrival on Friday after 3 pm. The workshop ends on the following Friday at 3 pm.

  • You can come by car, please make sure it is a four wheel drive, as the streets in the
    mountain make it necessary.
  • You can take a bus from San José airport to San Isidro, and from there a bus to
    Tinamaste. We can pick you up at the bus stop.

Details of the course content:

  • You learn about the correct planting, harvesting, treating and drying of the bamboo.
  • You gain knowledge about design, making lashing, joining, angle cutting and making bamboo nails, etc.
  • You will learn about the valuable and fast growing grass bamboo, it’s sustainability and uniqueness.
  • You will realize how valuable a healthy sleep can be in a home made house, build out of adobe/clay.

Course outline:

In Part 1 you will learn:
-to treat bamboo
-to recognize which bamboo is ready to harvest
-to make connections
-to make lashings
-to make a small furniture (bench or frame of mirror)
-to make holes in the bamboo

In Part 2 you will learn:
-to work with clay/adobe
-to recognize which clay you have to use
-to make a floor out of clay
-to make the last plaster
-to make ultimate plaster finish
-to prepare clay with different techniques
-to build a wall with different techniques

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