Rodolfo Sáenz is a natural building master from Costa Rica who has been studying and teaching bamboo construction in Europe and Costa Rica for over 40 years . He is known for his expertise in bamboo and clay construction and has taught workshops and courses on the subject in Europe and mainly in Costa Rica.

Sáenz is the founder of Bamboo School Costa Rica (, an organization dedicated to teaching people how to build sustainable and durable structures using bamboo and other natural materials . The school offers a variety of workshops and courses, including a natural building apprenticeship program with bamboo and clay.

Sáenz is a passionate advocate for sustainable natural building. He believes that building with natural materials is an important way to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment. He also believes that natural building can be an effective way to help communities become more self-sufficient and resilient.

In addition to his work at Bamboo School Costa Rica, Saenz is now focused on FincaRenacer.Org, where he teaches these techniques through Bamboo School Costa Rica and also has an apprenticeship program, ecological hosting, and some other projects.

He is known for his ability to work with bamboo. He has developed innovative techniques for working with this sustainable and durable material. He has also designed specialized tools for working with bamboo, such as handmade knives, saws, hatchets and chisel.

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